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50 Before 50

I saw a blog post a few days ago about the author's list of things to do before they turned 30, and it set me thinking: I have a big birthday coming up in January 2023, and I'm not really... Continue Reading →

Midsummer Reflections

I noticed a lot of talk online around the end of June about the idea of reflecting on mid-year resolutions. I can get on board with this idea: many people set new year's resolutions as the clock strike's midnight on... Continue Reading →


Trees.  I love them.  I've probably banged on about my affinity with all things natural and simple on here before, but once I started to take notice of the natural world around me, I kept seeing similarities and connections everywhere. ... Continue Reading →


I like the new year.  People complain about broken resolutions, but I actually like having an excuse to make them: promises, plans, fresh starts. Two years ago, my resolution (as had been in previous years...) was to 'Write More'.  The... Continue Reading →

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