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The Sunday Reset

In an effort to tame my unruly note keeping, I have tried many different systems, read many different books and blog posts, most specifically on building better habits into my days and weeks.

How To Celebrate Screen-Free Week

Screen-Free Week begins on 2nd May through to 8th May 2022, and is designed to promote the idea of stepping away from your glowing screens and (re)discovering fun activities with family and friends.

A Note On Originality

When coming up with new ideas as a writer or creator of any kind, it can be a worry as to whether the brilliant idea in your head is original enough.

Should you take your side-hustle full-time?

It sometimes feels like it has to be one thing or the other: that you must either work in a 9-5 role or you should aim to earn enough from your side-gig to walk away from the daily grind.

What Don’t You Want To Do?

I heard something yesterday that made a lot of sense to me, and turned the idea of New Year's resolutions and goal setting on its head. Podcaster and YouTuber Erin Elizabeth was talking to the idea of feeling lost; of... Continue Reading →

Jobs For Writers

This is something of a conundrum, I find. The debate whether it is better to have a paid 9-5 within an industry connected to writing: working at a publishing house, writing content for a company, etc. Or whether it is... Continue Reading →


This weekend, I returned to my regular Yoga classes after the summer break. It had only been a few weeks since I last attended, but despite practising Yoga now for almost 2 decades, I was surprised by how stiff and... Continue Reading →

Make It Do-able

We can all have lofty goals for our writing ambitions. Like writing a whole novel in November for NaNoWriMo. Producing a collection of essays for submission to an indie press. Or even just a daily target of 1000 words per... Continue Reading →


How do you get into the flow of writing? This is a question many famous authors get asked in interviews and at literary events. Just how do they sit down and begin writing their best selling novels, or perfectly crafted... Continue Reading →

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