Here you can find links to some of my published work.

Personal Essays:

‘Psychiatric Ward, December 24th 1985’

‘The Fifth Element’

‘Keeping it Simple’


‘Subtle Changes’

‘Bottom Drawer Feminist’

‘Raising Feminist Daughters’

Literary Criticism: 

Urban and Historic Women

Doris Lessing: Behind the Door of Room Nineteen

A Sense of Foreboding in Joanna Walsh’s Vertigo

The Dark Sexuality and Incestuous Undertones in the Stories of Daphne du Maurier

The Wit and Wisdom of Dorothy Parker

Foretelling a Dystopian Future: Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress

Exploring the Short Stories of Jean Rhys

Smiling Women: An Exploration of Margaret Drabble’s Short Stories

Magical Realism in Short Fiction

Flash Fiction:

‘Cherry Blossoms’

‘Marrying Absurd’ 

‘Nice Girl’

‘When Doves Cry’


‘Lower Manhattan Skyline’


‘Fairy Tales’

‘Magic 8’


‘Yellow Dinghy’


‘My Name Is’


‘Eat, Prey, Love’


‘Snails and Hermits’

‘Role Reversal’/’In This Room’/’Smoke Screen’

‘Sick Lit: Story Collection’

Writing Awards:

2015 – Nominated for Pushcart Prize For Fiction

2016 – Winner: Flash 500

2016 – Three times winner of Ad Hoc Fiction 

2017 – Best of the Net Finalist

2018 – Best Small Fictions Finalist