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Reading Challenge Update & Reviews

'The Paper Palace' was an ideal summer read during the intense heatwave over the past week or so.

Book Review: ‘The Instant’ by Amy Liptrot

The Instant details Liptrot's travels to Berlin, where she decides to spend the year working and adventuring.

Book Review: ‘Ask Again, Yes’ by Mary Beth Keane

You know that feeling if you're a fiction reader: you think about the characters when you're doing other things, and genuinely feel bereft when you have to let them go at the end of the book.

Reading Challenge Update

I started the challenge back in January to try to kick-start my lagging reading habit and improve my focus and concentration.

How To Celebrate Screen-Free Week

Screen-Free Week begins on 2nd May through to 8th May 2022, and is designed to promote the idea of stepping away from your glowing screens and (re)discovering fun activities with family and friends.

Reading Challenge Update & Book Reviews

I have been cracking on with my '50 Before 50' reading challenge, and here are the three books I've been getting into over the Easter break...

Book Review: Frances & the Navajo: The Conundrum of the Dead Pop Star

When pop icon Jack Condor is found dead in his hotel room the police think it’s just a simple case of a heart condition taking him before his time. Long-time manager, Barry Robinson, is not convinced.

The Sustainable Writer

This isn’t just about having less clutter around the house; it’s also about being a conscious consumer, buying sustainable products and trying to be more mindful about the waste I create.

Author Q&A: Jessica Rose Williams, author of ‘Enough’

This week, I have a real treat on the blog – an interview with author, blogger and YouTuber Jessica Rose Williams.  I recently read Jessica’s first book Enough, and after reaching out to her, she kindly agree to do a Q&A with me.  Please read on for some insight into her work, her ideas on minimalism and simplifying life, as well as her writing process for the book.

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