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Simple Tips for a Successful Walking Challenge

Setting a Walking Challenge could be as beneficial for you as running.

How To Celebrate Screen-Free Week

Screen-Free Week begins on 2nd May through to 8th May 2022, and is designed to promote the idea of stepping away from your glowing screens and (re)discovering fun activities with family and friends.

Should You Consider A Low Buy Challenge?

I've been hearing a lot about low buy/no buy challenges since the beginning of the year. I first came across this concept when I read Michelle McGagh's book The No Spend Year. In this, financial journalist McGagh decides to cut... Continue Reading →

Earth Day 2022: Small Ways You Can Make A Difference

Everyone knows now about climate change and the environmental impact of our industrialised, consumerist society, and many people want to make a difference. But it can often feel too overwhelming to know where to start.

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