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Book Review: ‘The Mother-in-Law’ by Sally Hepworth

After last week's review, I was reluctant to pick up another fiction book as I knew Mary Beth Keane's 'Ask Again, Yes' would be a hard act to follow.

The Sunday Reset

In an effort to tame my unruly note keeping, I have tried many different systems, read many different books and blog posts, most specifically on building better habits into my days and weeks.

Best Books For Decluttering

I have talked a lot about decluttering, simplifying and minimalism before on the blog, and it seems that since I started a major decluttering of mine and my family's belongings and lifestyle around 5 or so years ago, there has been an explosion of content creators and authors catching on to this topic.

A Note On Originality

When coming up with new ideas as a writer or creator of any kind, it can be a worry as to whether the brilliant idea in your head is original enough.

Should you take your side-hustle full-time?

It sometimes feels like it has to be one thing or the other: that you must either work in a 9-5 role or you should aim to earn enough from your side-gig to walk away from the daily grind.

Spring Clean Your Life

I usually like to start a physical spring clean with a decluttering of the home first. I've spoken before about how I like to keep things simple, and I think each change of season is a great time to have a look at what you've accumulated and discard anything you really don't need in your life.

How To Declutter Sustainably

Decluttering has become really popular with the growth of minimalism blogs, YouTube capsule wardrobe audits and Marie Kondo asking us all to question if an item 'sparks joy'.

The Sustainable Writer

This isn’t just about having less clutter around the house; it’s also about being a conscious consumer, buying sustainable products and trying to be more mindful about the waste I create.

Author Q&A: Jessica Rose Williams, author of ‘Enough’

This week, I have a real treat on the blog – an interview with author, blogger and YouTuber Jessica Rose Williams.  I recently read Jessica’s first book Enough, and after reaching out to her, she kindly agree to do a Q&A with me.  Please read on for some insight into her work, her ideas on minimalism and simplifying life, as well as her writing process for the book.

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