Regular readers may remember a previous post where I interviewed Jon Jones, author of the first Frances and the Navajo crime mystery The Mystery of the Vanishing Bullets. Since then, he has written two more, The Case of the Carlisle Diamonds, and the newly released The Conundrum of the Dead Pop Star, which is the third Frances and the Navajo mystery novella.

When pop icon Jack Condor is found dead in his hotel room the police think it’s just a simple case of a heart condition taking him before his time. Long-time manager, Barry Robinson, is not convinced and suspects foul play so instructs Frances and Navajo to investigate.

After piecing the clues together, being sent down the wrong path, and letting the killer from their grasp they finally piece the puzzle together to reveal the real killer.

There are a lot of twists and turns within this story, and I honestly couldn’t guess who the murderer was! Whilst crime fiction isn’t a genre I generally read, these novellas are a nice length to introduce a novice like myself to the genre. Longer than a long short story, but shorter than a full-blown detective novel, the author gives plenty of time for the mystery to unfold, develop, twist and turn, and finally reveal its conclusion.

I think any fans of the old-style detective story such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous Sherlock Holmes stories, or even the more recent Kerry Greenwood’s Phrynne Fisher mysteries would find these stories entertaining.

Now that Jones has three in the series under his belt, his two central characters have developed into a solid double act, and it feels as though, as with many well-known fictional detectives, there are endless possibilities for the crime fighting duo!

For more info and links to all three of the Frances and the Navajo mysteries, check out Jon’s Twitter page @FrancesNavajo

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